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1 9 units of EDUC topics
1a Admission into BEDSEOS-Bachelor of Education (Special Education)
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Topic description

This topic reviews the field of learning difficulties through an Australian and international context. It compares and contrasts the general characteristics of students who present with learning difficulties and those who present with learning disabilities in classrooms. It debates the appropriateness of professionally observed school-wide practices against published research studies in order to make judgements about the effectiveness of available programs, strategies and supports for students who find academic learning difficult at school. Using scenario-based learning participants will consider innate and environmental influences on learning to evaluate then determine suitable ways to promote participation, academic progress and emotional wellbeing for these individuals.

Educational aims

This topic aims to introduce students to the general characteristics that define students with learning difficulties and those with learning disabilities.

It also aims to develop the following broad special education principles:

  • All children and youth can learn
  • Learning is best supported when measured school-wide and classroom supports and strategies are put in place in a timely manner
  • The school experiences of individuals who find learning difficult habitually have a direct and lasting impact on academic progress, social interaction, motivation and/or wellness
  • Thoughtful, inclusive educational practices promote access to, participation in and achievement through the curriculum
  • The elements of self-efficacy, curriculum, instruction, assessment, learning, engagement and behaviour are interdependent
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Describe the field of learning difficulties in Australian and international contexts
  2. Define the general characteristics of students with learning difficulties and those with learning disabilities
  3. Summarize the wide-ranging impact of stress on learning and behaviour
  4. Make judgements about the appropriateness of research based and professional practices, strategies and supports for students with learning difficulties and learning disabilities
  5. Provide reasoned suggestions for ways of improving school and curriculum access, participation and progress for students with learning difficulties and those with learning disabilities

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