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EASC1101 - Earth and Environmental Sciences
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Topic description

This topic offers the basic knowledge needed to understand water dynamics in aquifers. The topic is delivered in four parts: Part 1 Groundwater and the hydrologic cycle - which covers the movement of water in the earth; Part 2 Aquifer properties and groundwater flow - which covers the quantitative aspects of groundwater hydrology, providing students with the theories and tools behind the estimation of groundwater fluxes and storage volumes; Part 3 Groundwater investigation techniques - which covers laboratory techniques and the fundamentals of groundwater investigation; Part 4 Groundwater flow to wells - which covers groundwater extraction situations and aquifer testing through pump tests.

Educational aims

This topic aims to instil in students knowledge and an appreciation of the storage and transport of groundwater, and its importance as a global water resource and integral part of the hydrologic cycle.

Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Describe the physical properties and acquifers
  2. Discuss the physical principles governing the storage and flow of groundwater
  3. Explain the interaction between groundwater and surface water
  4. Explain the principles of groundwater investigation and management
  5. Demonstrate enhanced problem-solving, critical-thinking and reasoning abilities

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