1 x 30-hour independent study weekly
1 x 1-hour supervised study fortnightly
1 DVST9023 - Research Practice in Development Studies
1a DVST9020A - Research Induction
Must Satisfy: ((1 or 1a))
Other requirements
Approval is required for enrolment. Students must submit an application via
Enrolment not permitted
DVST9918 has been successfully completed
Assumed knowledge
Students will be expected to have completed the core topics of the Graduate Diploma in International Development at an overall average grade of 75% or above.
Course context
Master of Arts (International Development)
Topic description
This topic involves writing a thesis of 20,000 words in length in the field of development studies under the supervision of a member of staff. The thesis should give evidence of the student's ability to collect and evaluate information, construct, test and defend an argument and critically examine theories in the area of enquiry. The thesis will normally be assessed by at least two examiners, at least one of whom will be external to the University. The supervisor will not be an examiner.
Educational aims
The Development Studies Research Thesis involves supervised individual reading and research in an area of development studies, culminating in the production of a thesis of about 20,000 words in length. Through the research process the student should have developed sufficient appreciation of research methods and the relevant research literature in order to analyse, in reasonable depth, actual examples of development interventions, problems or impacts.
Expected learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the thesis must demonstrate:

  1. a capacity to undertake independent research on the chosen topic.

  2. a capacity to design their research methodology and present it at seminars and, if appropriate, prepare related documentation for the approval of relevant university committees.

  3. a capacity to communicate the findings of their research in the written work submitted for examination.

  4. a capacity to verbally present the findings of their research to their peers.