3 x 2-hour seminars per semester
1 x 60-hour field placement per semester
1 Admission into GDPID-Graduate Diploma in International Development
1a Admission into MAID/C-Master of Arts (International Development) by coursework
1b Admission into GCGMPA-Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Analysis
Must Satisfy: ((1 or 1a or 1b))
Enrolment not permitted
1 of DVST9035, DVST9035B, GEOG9035, GEOG9035A has been successfully completed
Course context
Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Analysis; Graduate Diploma in International Development; Master of Arts (International Development) by coursework
Topic description
Students undertaking graduate studies in International Development will have an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills from their degree in a workplace setting. You must have undertaken, or been accepted into, a work placement or practicum of at least 60 hours before they are eligible to enrol in the topic, keeping a professional diary of their experiences. The work placement must be supervised by an eligible person from government agencies, consulting firms, non-government agencies, other university departments, Flinders University, or other groups involved in development (approved in advance by the topic coordinator), and the Flnders University Workready Internship program. You will maintain a professional diary of your practicum activities and reflections, and collate materials for a final report and oral presentation upon completion of the placement of your learning from your placement.
Educational aims
This is a work integrated learning topic. In conjunction with the topic convener and the careers centre on campus you will organise a study abroad program or a work placement in an industry or organisation either locally or globally that relates to an area of Development Studies of interest to you. You will conduct the equivalent of at least 60 hours placement in the field, and prepare a final report for assessment which you will present in an oral presentation upon completion of your placement. The aim of the topic is to test your knowledge in Development Studies in a workplace context and to develop professional skills.
Expected learning outcomes
Upon completion of this topic you are expected to:
  • have improved professional skills including effective communication, problem solving and professional behaviour
  • know how to apply some of the theories and concepts learned in the classroom to actual situations, and test the relevance of theory for practice, and vice versa
  • have developed a reflective practice and an ability to synthesise it with classroom learning
  • have improved skills in working across cultures and languages