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Topic description

This topic will provide an in-depth examination of disability, its historical context and its implications for the individual, the family, local communities and society. It will analyse some of the current philosophies that inform disability services and the way services are developing internationally. It will provide an examination of the disabling process, the disability rights movement and the move towards independence, choice and empowerment. It will provide information on vulnerability, resilience, the developmental process, quality of life and skills acquisition.

Educational aims

This topic aims to assist students to:

  • Critically analyse and apply contemporary theories of disability to their relationship with societal views, service practices and how disability is understood
  • Develop ethical and human rights informed practice and identity as a disability professional
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Research and evaluate current literature related to contemporary concepts, perspectives, practices and theories of disability and apply to the experience of disability
  2. Critically examine and integrate ethical frameworks, legislation, policy, contemporary theory and literature into current and future practice and service delivery
  3. Construct an identity as a disability professional and apply critically reflection and change to practice and performance