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^ DSRS7005 - Foundations of Disability Research
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Topic description

Students will design and conduct an independent research investigation and report on their findings in a thesis of not more than 18,000 words. The thesis shall demonstrate: a substantial investigation into and an analysis of a problem, and a deep knowledge of the relevant literature; also a thorough understanding of the relevant research techniques around data collection, analysis and synthesising findings in the field of study.
Educational aims

This topic aims to prepare graduates to be critical consumers of research, and to also be able to design, conduct, and write up a research project. It will provide knowledge and skills relevant to conducting research, especially for entry to higher degree courses, and develop an advanced level of knowledge in the area of specialisation.
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic, students will:

  • Define and apply a major research paradigm to a well formulated research question

  • Critically appraise and synthesise the literature in an area of disability/rehabilitation

  • Effectively conduct and communicate a rigorous research process, from development of a research question through design, data collection, and analysis, to write-up and publication

  • Demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge in the area of specialisation

  • Identify limitations in their research and make recommendations for future research projects.