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1 x 60-minute on-line exercises weekly
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Topic description
This topic is designed to provide beginning insights into autism spectrum disorders through a balanced perspective of family (including the individual with autism/asperger syndrome), community, educational and employment issues. Quality of life issues for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families will be highlighted throughout the topic.
Educational aims
Aims of the topic:

  1. To examine key issues in relation to diagnosis, family, community, education, employment, and quality of life.

  2. To present autism spectrum disorders from the perspective of the individual with the disability and family members, e. g. parents, siblings and grandparents.

  3. To examine best practices in the field of autism spectrum disorders.

  4. To facilitate critical thinking and debate in relation to key issues associated with theory and practice in the field of autism spectrum disorders.

Expected learning outcomes
On completion of the topic students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the critical issues associated with the concept and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders

  2. Recognise and problem solve around the challenges experienced by individuals diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder

  3. Understand family related issues associated with autism spectrum disorders

  4. Identify appropriate support needs of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder and their families

  5. Discuss the learning style of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder and relate to teaching/support strategies

  6. Develop knowledge and skills around best practice in educating and supporting individuals with an autism spectrum disorder.