1 x 2-hour lecture weekly
1 x 50-minute tutorial weekly
1 x 4-hour independent study weekly
1 x 2-hour on-line exercises weekly
Assignment; Essay; Class and Online Participation; Online Quiz
Topic description
The topic focuses on the students' own values as well as the attitudes that pervade our society about people living with disability using a variety of theoretical frameworks including Ableism, Social Model of Disability, Person-Centred Approaches, Social Role Valorisation and Human Rights.
Educational aims
This topic aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop an understanding about:

  • definitions of disability, concepts, and the use of labels and positive language

  • the history of disabililty, legislation and human rights and service provision

  • world view of disability and perspectives of various cultures

  • image and presentation of disability in literature and the media

  • development of beliefs, attitudes and values and how they relate to current theories and debate linked to living with disability,

  • current human service practices and principles of service provision relating to supporting people living with disability,

  • research and critical analysis around different perspectives on living with disability.
Expected learning outcomes
Students must demonstrate they can:

  • articulate a sound knowledge of the meaning, history, legislation, human rights and social theories relating to disability

  • explain concepts and perspectives of disability and their potential impact on an individual's life

  • locate and critically analyse current literature and media information relating to disability and use databases to find evidence based disability studies resources

  • undertake clear verbal and written communication, individually and in a group setting, participate in problem solving and contribute to group, class and online discussion.