1 x 1-hour lecture weekly
1 x 1-hour seminar weekly
1 x 2-hour film screening weekly
9 units of first level DRAM topics
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Topic description
This topic addresses a variety of theories which both inform and enable analysis of theatre practice. Theories include the broad areas of semiology, discourse, power, language, narrative and reception. The focus is on benchmark productions for the stage, cinema and television from the last twenty years, and an examination of their influence on the reading of the plays as contemporary works.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

  • increase students' knowledge and appreciation of some of the theories that impact on performance and the perception of that performance and enable students to experience these theories in practical applications through workshop activities and screenings

  • provide students with the opportunity to develop an historical perspective by recognising, articulating and evaluating these emerging theories and performances in the light of current theatre practice

  • develop students' ability to think, speak and write about performance in a critically engaged, aesthetically informed and ethically responsive manner
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • identify the various theoretical underpinnings in the performances they see or in which they participate and be able to express this clearly in oral and written form

  • exercise skills to critically assess the student's own praxis, have the ability to contribute to group discussions and respond constructively

  • analyse a performance to evaluate the praxis the creators of the performance used and demonstrate an ability to research, formulate and present seminar papers and essays in a clear, coherent and confident manner