1 x 2-hour seminar weekly
1 x 2.5-hour film screening fortnightly
1 x 3-hour independent study weekly
1 x 1-hour on-line exercises weekly
1 x 4-hour project work weekly
Assignment(s), Presentation, Reflective piece
Topic description

This topic explores the powerful effect of music in the creative and performing arts. It asks questions, such as: How do we perceive music? Why can music make us want to dance with happiness or cry with sadness? Does music always help communicate the intended message when accompanying film or dance? What happens when we play opposing music to a performance, such as fast music to a slow, moving image? Is emotion in music universally understood? You will gain an understanding of musical accompaniment in film and television, dance and theatre, and explore the effects of music and its use in these creative expressions.

Educational aims

This topic aims to introduce students to:

  • The foundations of music in creative arts as they begin to understand and apply music in their creative work
  • The analysis of different kinds of creative work incorporating music
  • Critical and theoretical means of artistic analysis through the use of music
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to able to:

  1. Consider important concepts and debates in the field of music and creative arts
  2. Evaluate the concepts within creative projects
  3. Appraise and critique music within creative projects
  4. Produce written, oral and creative presentations which reflect these understandings
  5. Compare the influence of music in other media