1 x 110-hour field placement once-only
4 x 2-hour supervised studies per semester
9 units of Level 2 topics
Assignment(s), Placement
Topic description
This topic provides students with the opportunity to undertake a workplace-based project, or work placement, in an area related to one of their fields of study. Through this, students will have the opportunity to examine how the skills and knowledge they have acquired through the degree can be applied to work place scenarios.

The precise nature of each placement is to be developed in conjunction with the topic coordinator.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

  • provide students with the opportunity to explore ways in which skills and knowledge acquired through their study are applied in workplace scenarios
  • develop the vocabulary to communicate how their skills and knowledge are valuable to employers
  • assist students in identifying a career path and beginning the transition from study to employment
  • expose students to current practices in one area of the communication industries
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • analyse and assess how their study has prepared them for a pathway to employment
  • apply skills and knowledge acquired during their degree to a workplace setting
  • analyse their strengths and weakness, both professionally and academically
  • articulate contemporary themes and issues of the communication industries, both verbally and in writing, to a range of audiences