1 x 50-minute workshop weekly
1 x 100-minute computer lab weekly
1 x 180-minute project work weekly
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Topic description
This topic introduces the fundamentals of mobile application development, including development platforms, design, implementation, evaluation and deployment; principles of human-computer interactions with mobile devices, including representations of complex data and engagement with touch enabled devices; investigations of convergent technologies, including GPS, camera, orientation sensors, and compasses. The development platforms will determine the programming languages used. Core development environments will include Android and Windows Phone with other current platforms addressed through discussion and analysis.
Educational aims
This topic aims to give students a sound understanding of mobile device development and investigate convergent technologies that populate current and future devices. The student will be exposed to the issues surrounding mobile devices and the human-computer interaction possibilities.
Expected learning outcomes
At the completion of the topic, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Understand the fundamental concepts of mobile device interaction across a number of platforms
  2. Design and build simple interactive applications that address human-computer interaction issues for mobile devices
  3. Design and build simple applications that combine inputs from GPS, orientation, camera and compass hardware resident on the mobile device
  4. Work professionally as an individual and in a team
  5. Communicate effectively about mobile application development