1 x 135-hour project work per semester
Other requirements
Topic coordinator’s approval required to enrol in this topic
Topic description

This topic enables students to undertake an organised study tour to an international location. The details of individual International Study Tours will vary depending on the destination, the timing, the host organisation(s), the number of students, etc. Students can enrol only when they have been accepted for a study tour.

Educational aims

  • Gain an appreciation of the cultural milieu of the country (or countries) visited
  • Experience the world of a student at an international educational institution
  • Build understanding of social, political and economic issues in other countries
  • Gain knowledge relating to the actual topics studied (usually including content about management, international relations, intercultural issues, etc
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Discuss inter-cultural differences
  2. Recognise the implications of study and travel in the country (or countries) visited
  3. Demonstrate awareness of major social and political issues relating to the country visited
  4. Demonstrate knowledge gained from actual topics studied