1 x 2-hour seminar weekly
Enrolment not permitted
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Course context
Admission only to students with completion of a business-related undergraduate degree

Bachelor of Business (Honours); Bachelor of Commerce (Honours); Management (Honours); Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours); Bachelor of International Tourism (Honours)
Topic description
The primary objective of this topic is to introduce the stages of the research process, during weekly seminars.

Seminar topics include: writing a literature review, selecting an appropriate methodology, qualitative and quantitative methods, writing a good proposal, writing the thesis.

A significant component of the assessment in the topic will be the preparation and presentation (oral and written) of a research proposal.
Educational aims
This topic aims to provide the student with the methodological knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills necessary to conceive, execute and report in a scholarly fashion a significant piece of academic research with international outlook in the field of business.
Expected learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this topic students will be able to:
  1. Discuss the nature of business research, its challenges and its opportunities
  2. Identify and describe the wide range of research methods employed in business research including quantitative and qualitative methods, exploratory and confirmatory methods, pure and applied methods
  3. Explain the role of theory in scientific business research whether it be theory testing or theory development
  4. Develop, execute and report, in a scholarly fashion, a significant piece of academic research with an international outlook in the field of business.
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