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Course context
Bachelor of Business
Topic description
This topic includes investigation into: technology infrastructure, the macro environment, website evaluation, e-marketing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, security, e-business strategy and change management.
Educational aims
This topic aims to introduce students to the business concepts and models associated with E-Business. It is aimed at raising student awareness of the ways E-Business can impact on existing businesses, how E-Business can create new business and the issues facing consumers, business and society as a whole. Students will be introduced to the various E-Business models and how they relate to business strategy.

Students will learn how E-Business is transforming traditional business practices, and be able to identify the potential for existing businesses to utilise E-Business to improve their competitiveness.
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students should be able to:
  • describe e-business and the various online business models
  • demonstrate an understanding of e-business infrastructure necessary for successful communications both within the organisation and with business partners
  • analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of websites
  • show an appreciation of contemporary social, legal and business issues associated with e-commerce
  • identify the types of online security threats and how they may be addressed
  • evaluate the main elements of Supply Chain Management and its relationship to the value chain
  • discuss how traditional marketing approaches may be integrated with e-marketing and e-CRM
  • outline the basic functions of online payment systems
  • apply a strategic approach to the adoption of e-commerce by existing businesses.