3 x 50-minute lectures weekly
1 x 2-hour practical fortnightly
1 x 3-hour computer lab per semester
Essay, Examination, Practicals
Topic description

The topic will introduce students to the current status and emerging directions of the local, national and international aquaculture industry in order to provide a sound grounding for subsequent topics. The following subjects will be covered: types of aquaculture in the developing and developed world; common aquaculture species in South Australia, Australia and globally; criteria for selecting species for aquaculture; fundamental principles of aquaculture operations; key scientific and management issues in aquaculture.

Educational aims

This topic aims to provide a basic understanding of:

  • Fundamental principles of aquaculture operations in the developing and developed world
  • Common aquaculture species
  • Key scientific and management factors and issues affecting aquaculture operations
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Have a basic understanding of the identity, anatomy, lifecycle and common culture systems used for common aquacultured organisms
  2. Have a basic knowledge of the most critical key biological, physiochemical, management, regulatory and economic issues relevant to aquaculture ventures