2 x 1-hour lectures weekly
3 x 2-hour tutorials per semester
4 x 1-hour workshop-1s per semester
6 x 2-hour workshop-2s per semester
1 x 48-hour field trip per semester
1 of BIOL1101, BIOD1102
Topic description
The topic will focus on conservation biology; including setting the priorities for conservation, causes of extinction; assessing vulnerability to extinction; landscape ecology, including fire ecology; and systematic and evolutionary biology; including studies on the origin and evolution of biodiversity, description and classification of biota, and conservation genetics. Case studies from Australian ecosystems will be explored.
Educational aims
To provide students with:

  1. An understanding of the impact of habitat change on species persistence
  2. A knowledge of the processes leading to population extinction
  3. An appreciation of the biological, cultural, economic and social issues involved in conservation of endangered species
  4. An appreciation of the changing nature of ecosystems
  5. An appreciation of the contribution of ecology and genetics towards our Understanding of the interactions among species within ecosystems
  6. An understanding of the impact of human activities on ecosystem stability
  7. An understanding of evolutionary phylogeny and its relationship to conservation issues
Expected learning outcomes
At the completion of the topic, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Understand the nature of the scientific method and some of its strengths and weaknesses and apply the method in designs of experiments
  2. Understand at an advanced level the scientific bases of biological conservation
  3. Describe factors influencing ecosystem change and species decline
  4. Understand biological and other processes leading to the generation and loss of biodiversity
  5. Understand some of the practical methods available for conserving rare and endangered species
  6. Work in a small group to achieve common aims
  7. Communicate effectively in spoken and written media
  8. Learn practical skills involved in biodiversity studies