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1 x 1-hour supervised study fortnightly
1 AUST2000 - Australian Languages: Issues and Debates
1a AUST2611 - Australian Languages: Issues and Debates 1
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Topic description
This topic aims to extend the understanding of students who already have a basic understanding of the diversity of Australian languages and the major issues and debates arising from them within the context of contemporary colonialism. Issues to be canvassed include that of gender and Australian languages, Australian languages within the context of the legal system of the dominant culture, and contemporary policies and language planning regarding Australian languages. The material will be presented within the overall framework of the contemporary colonial context and the Aboriginal struggle for justice.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

  • provide students with the opportunity to build upon and deepen the knowledge base acquired in the topic Australian Languages: Issues and Debates 1

  • provide students with the opportunity to conduct research into at least two aspects of Australia's Indigenous languages or their legacy

  • develop students' independent research skills

  • extend students' knowledge base into the international domain, to allow them to make connections with the issues facing Indigenous languages elsewhere in the world

  • provide an excellent basis for further studies in the area at Honours level
Expected learning outcomes
Students will be able to demonstrate clearly, both verbally and in writing that they have:

  • a sophisticated understanding of the structural features of Australian languages, and of the implications of their diversity

  • an increasingly accurate picture of the current situation regarding languages in contemporary Aboriginal Australia

  • an excellent knowledge of language contact phenomena including the influence of English on Australian languages, and of Australian languages on English, and related matters

  • the ability, from their knowledge base, to identify and discuss contemporary issues and debates surrounding Australian languages, at a high level of competency

  • a working knowledge of sociolinguistic concepts introduced as they relate to the Australian language context and the ability to apply these

  • an understanding of these issues in a global context