3 x 2.5-hour lectures per semester
1 x 2.5-hour practical weekly
1 x 12-hour clinical placement weekly
Admission into MAUD-Master of Audiology
Enrolment not permitted
AUDI9116 has been successfully completed
Examinations (100%)
Topic description
This topic is concurrent with Professional Studies II and concentrates on the further development of clinical skills at an intermediate level. For the bulk of the semester, students will be rostered for half day clinical sessions (up to one and a half days total per week) with audiologists in the Adelaide metropolitan area. The emphasis at this stage will be on the consolidation of basic clinical skills in interacting with clients and testing hearing using a variety of routine procedures. Introductory clinical activities will also be undertaken in hearing fitting and diagnostic audiology. Emphasis will be placed on the student beginning to integrate the clinical information and develop a management plan for the client.
Educational aims
The topic aims to:

  • further develop students' interpersonal and communication skills with clients

  • refine skills in planning the session to meet the needs of the client within an allocated period of time

  • extend skills in basic audiometry and other routinely used audiological tests and procedures

  • extend skills in obtaining information about the client's communication difficulties

  • develop students' ability to integrate (more) clinical information and make clinical judgements

  • develop basic skills in handling hearing aids and other assistive listening devices

  • develop students' ability to formulate a management plan for the client, including recommending amplification devices

  • refine students' ability to counsel the client about the clinical results with respect to the reason(s) for the referral and with regard to aspects of the clinical condition

  • refine students' ability to use research methods and current research findings in clinical practice

Expected learning outcomes
Following completion of the topic, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate consolidated competencies in clinical audiology across a range of client types and assessment methods