1 x 30-minute lecture weekly
1 x 2.5-hour practical weekly
3 x 4-hour computer labs per semester
2 x 4.5-hour clinical placements weekly
Admission into MAUD-Master of Audiology
AUDI9301 - Professional Studies 1
Enrolment not permitted
AUDI9106 has been successfully completed
Assignments; Examination (50%); Laboratory exercises.
Topic description
This topic is concurrent with Professional Studies 1 and concentrates on the development of clinical skills at a beginning level. The students will be rostered for at least one half day clinical session per week with audiologists in the Adelaide metropolitan area. These will include hospital and community settings, including private practices, where possible. The student will work under supervision with clients of different ages. The emphasis at this stage will be on the acquisition of skills in obtaining information from clients, examination of the ear and basic testing of hearing. Skills in observation, description and analysis will also be developed.
Educational aims
This topic aims to introduce students to:

  • a range of basic audiological skills focusing on the standard test battery for the assessment of peripheral hearing loss

  • skills in case history taking and post-assessment information.

Expected learning outcomes
Following completion of this topic, students will be able to:

  • obtain relevant and accurate information about clients’ clinical history and reasons(s) for the referral

  • develop clinical hypotheses

  • undertake reliable and efficient administration of basic audiological tests

  • obtain information about the client’s communication difficulties

  • recognise the need for, and obtain, other relevant clinical information from audiological or other sources

  • provide informational counselling with regard to relevant aspects of the clinical condition

  • recognise and respond to relevant considerations, e.g. age, ethnicity

  • accurately document results

  • develop basic skills in communicating with other health professionals

  • recognise the need for referral and make appropriate referrals

  • use research methods and current research findings in clinical practice.