1 x 37.5-hour intensive workshop once-only
1 Admission into GCARCH-Graduate Certificate in Archaeology
1a Admission into MMARCH-Master of Maritime Archaeology
1b Admission into GDPSM-Graduate Diploma in Screen and Media Production
1c Admission into MSM-Master of Screen and Media Production
1d Admission into GDPAHM-Graduate Diploma in Archaeology and Heritage Management
1e Admission into MAHM-Master of Archaeology and Heritage Management
1f Admission into MAHMA-Master of Archaeology and Heritage Management [1.5 years]
1g Admission into MSMA-Master of Screen and Media Production [1 year]
1h Admission into GDPMA-Graduate Diploma in Maritime Archaeology
Must Satisfy: ((1 or 1a or 1b or 1c or 1d or 1e or 1f or 1g or 1h))
Other requirements
Topic Coordinator approval is required for enrolment in this topic. Students should apply via
Enrolment not permitted
ARCH8305 has been successfully completed
Topic description
This topic provides students with direct, practical experience in a variety of advanced archaeological field methods. Digital technologies and geophysical techniques are a focus within this topic. The student will attend a combination of workshops, as well as receive practical hands-on training. The learning focus is on students acquiring the skills they will require to gain employment in field based archaeology.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

  • develop an awareness of the various components of archaeological field projects, from initial planning to publication

  • introduce and teach the methodological, technical and practical underpinnings of archaeological fieldwork

  • develop archaeological fieldwork skills

  • develop written and oral communication skills and the ability to work successfully in a group
Expected learning outcomes
It is expected that on completion of this topic students will be able to demonstrate:

  • an understanding of the major elements of field based archaeological research

  • an awareness of the range of surveying and geophysical techniques available, and demonstrate competency in basic archaeological surveying techniques

  • an awareness of the complexity of archaeology report writing, basic report writing skills and the ability to critique archaeological field and survey reports