1 x 2-hour seminar weekly
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Topic description

The topic provides an introduction to the theories and methods employed in the archaeological research of modern societies. Students will learn how the study of modern material culture illuminates aspects of 20th and 21st century life through undertaking original research into everyday objects. This "archaeology of us" explores how archaeological practice creates new knowledge about the contemporary world.

Educational aims

This topic aims to:

  • Introduce archaeological theories and methods employed in studies of human behaviour in modern societies
  • Address the relationships between material objects and human behaviour in a variety of social contexts
  • Develop research skills in relation to modern material cultural analysis
  • Develop critical thinking skills as well as written presentation skills
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a general understanding of the role of modern material culture studies in archaeology
  2. Conduct original research relating to analyses of modern materials
  3. Critically evaluate data from modern contexts in relation to explanations of human behavioural variability
  4. Communicate an argument clearly and coherently in the form of written research reports