1 x 9-hour independent study weekly
1 x 3-hour on-line exercises weekly
1 x 1-hour on-line lecture weekly
6 x 1-hour on-line tutorials per semester
1 x 2-hour case study once-only
^ = may be enrolled concurrently
1 Admission into BHA-Bachelor of Healthy Ageing
2 ^ AGES1001 - Foundation Skills in Ageing Studies
3 Admission into other Bachelor Degrees
4 Admission into DIPACDS-Diploma in Aged Care and Disability Support
Must Satisfy: ((1 and 2) or (3) or (4))
Assignment(s); Tutorial participation.
Topic description
Mental health and psychological wellbeing are as important in older age as at any other time of life yet misconceptions about ageing can lead to signs of an issue in mental health being dismissed as ‘just a part of the ageing process’. This topic will develop students’ knowledge and skills to recognise and respond to developing and ongoing mental health issues in older people and to support good mental health in later life. Policy and practice issues in mental health in both community and residential aged care settings will be examined.
Educational aims
The topic aims to introduce key concepts in the psychology of ageing and mental health in later life with an emphasis on students building capacity necessary to support older people to achieve good mental health.
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will be expected to be able to:

  • Describe key concepts specific to the psychological dimension of ageing such as intelligence, memory, language and personality;

  • Compare and contrast perspectives on good mental health in later life;

  • Discuss the social determinants of mental health;

  • Summarise common mental health issues in ageing populations and describe the signs and characteristics that would suggest further assessment of an older person could be beneficial;

  • Select and critically appraise the utility of assessment tools appropriate for use with older people;

  • Demonstrate cultural responsiveness and person-centred principles in supporting good mental health in older people.