1 x 1-hour lecture weekly
1 x 2-hour workshop weekly
1 x 1-hour on-line lecture weekly
1 Admission into BEDMSSBA-B Education (Middle & Secondary Schooling), B Arts
1a Admission into BEDMSSBHS-B Education (Middle & Secondary Schooling), B Health Sciences
1b Admission into BEDMSSBSC-B Education (Middle & Secondary Schooling), B Science
1c Admission into BEDMSSEBDS-B Education (Middle & Secondary/Special Ed), B Disability Studies
1d Admission into BEDSBA-Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Arts
1e Admission into BEDSBHS-Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Health Sciences
1f Admission into BEDSBSC-Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Science
1g Admission into BEDSBLANG-Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Languages
1h Admission into BAMTS-Bachelor of Arts, Master of Teaching (Secondary)
1i Admission into BSCMTS-Bachelor of Science, Master of Teaching (Secondary)
1j Admission into BAESP-Bachelor of Arts (Education (Secondary) Pathway)
2 EDUC1120 - Teaching and Educational Contexts
2a EDUC1101 - Key Educational Ideas
Must Satisfy: ((1 or 1a or 1b or 1c or 1d or 1e or 1f or 1g or 1h or 1i or 1j) and (2 or 2a))
Assignment(s); Tutorial presentation.
Topic description
This topic introduces students to the foundational understandings regarding middle schooling philosophy and pedagogy. Theoretical and practical examples of models of middle schooling will be presented, and approaches to middle schooling will be examined and critiqued.
Educational aims
Students will be provided with the opportunity to:

  • consider the need for, and purpose of, middle schooling

  • examine the philosophy and pedagogy of middle schooling

  • investigate models of middle schooling

  • critically analyse middle schoolings claims regarding social justice
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • articulate a personal philosophy of middle schooling

  • work collaboratively to demonstrate an understanding of how to plan for authentic learning through the application of middle schooling pedagogy

  • demonstrate a clear understanding of the context and concept of middle schooling through critiquing and evaluating the claims of middle schooling philosophy, pedagogy and practice