2 x 50-minute lectures weekly
1 x 50-minute tutorial weekly
1 of BUSN1022, BUSN1206, BUSN2025
Assumed knowledge
At least 22.5 units (inclusive of marketing major topics taught in the same semester as this topic).
Course context
Bachelor of Business
Topic description
The topic outlines the services sector, the differences between services and goods, the consumer and services, the marketing of services, the issues in services impacted by customer satisfaction and ethics, and the future of services marketing.
Educational aims
The aim of this topic is to provide students with the skills to examine the particular needs of service marketers. Students will learn how to interpret and apply different methods of marketing, and be introduced to the standard 7P's designation. The focus will also be on government and not-for-profit services as well as the more traditional professional and ancillary service sectors.
Expected learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this topic students will be able to:
  1. Explain the differences between the marketing of services and the marketing of goods
  2. Describe how the services sector fits within the context of economic indicators such as GDP, employment, trade balances, taxation and policy making
  3. Compare and contrast the methods by which consumers make decisions with respect to the purchase of services and products
  4. Compare and contrast the ethics of services marketing and the ethics of marketing goods
  5. Recognise consumer issues in relation to pricing, delivery, promotion and satisfaction measures of services
  6. Discuss the specific importance and application of the three service-related marketing mix concepts; people, physical representation and process.